Maybe you used to dream of flying as a kid? Maybe you want to challenge yourself? Or maybe you just want to try the most exhilarating experience known to humankind bar going to the moon. It. Is. That. Good. 

Learning to solo skydive has been an absolute life changer for me and taking the course was the best decision I’ve ever made. Booking through Brian could not have been easier and he’s always been available to answer all of my questions. AFF level 1 was intense, scary, mind blowing and awesome all at the same time, getting my license is by far the biggest achievement of my life.
— Mel Allan, Solo Skydiving ('AFF') student

Hi my name’s Brian and I’m an experienced skydiver, here to help you make a jump!  As of May 2015, I have 1800 jumps, I'm an instructor with both British and American ratings, I've competed at two World Cups representing the UK and I have two world records from my wonderful sport. I'm a co-host of the only skydiving podcast in Europe: Radio Skydive UK.

I know all the dropzones across the UK (dropzones = airfields that offer parachuting services) and I've jumped at nearly every one around London. I know which ones give you the best product, service and value. Genuine value.

If you’re looking to learn or have a once-in-a-lifetime experience, I'm here for you. I can connect you with the best dropzones, help you prepare and even school you up in skydiver lingo. Lesson One. Call them “jumps”, not “dives”.

I just want to thank you for helping me in my path to make one of my most desired dreams come true. Thank you for being such a great instructor and for your patience with me. Jumping from a plane and skydive has been even more awesome than I expected. I’m loving every bit of it. Yeah man! 😊
— Jose Luis Hernando Sanz, Solo Skydiving ('AFF') student

1) Solo Skydiving (AFF): Learning the fast way. . After a day in the classroom, two instructors take a firm hold of you and then all three of you jump OUT. OF. A. PLANE. The best way to experience skydiving. You can complete the whole eight level course to get your A licence and be a qualified skydiver or just choose to do Level 1. 

Accelerated Freefall

2) Tandem skydiving: 

Securely fastened to a qualified instructor, let them do all the hard work.

Boom…! Smashed my AFF solo skydiving course and now I’ve got my “A” licence. I couldn’t have done so well without the patience and knowledge of my awesome instructors. So I would like to say a massive thank you to Ally, Chris and Brian. Drinks will be on me when I see you at the Dropzone. Also, thank you to the whole team at Langar. Fantastic support and you couldn’t ask for a nicer bunch of people.
Blue Skies!
— David Harrison, Solo Skydiving ('AFF') student

Allan goes skydiving at Skydive Langar. This is his first jump and is is an AFF Level 1 jump. Video by Chris Cook. AFF Instructors Brian Cumming and Chris Judd. 3rd Feb 2016.

Brian is an outstanding coach. He has been skydiving for 13 years so the explanation is done basing on his own experience. He recognises that stress and mistakes are normal and he helps to deal with everything while you are on the ground so when you are in the skies you feel 100% sure that you are prepared to perform your task smoothly.However if you make a mistake he will debrief you after the jump in a very polite manner and explain in detail why that happened and how you can avoid it in the future. Brian welcomes all the questions, and is happy to answer them. As a student you feel respected and safe. Brian goes the extra mile and helps you to socialise at the dropzone. I am glad that I got to be his student.
— Olga Lupova, Solo Skydiving ('AFF') student