What is Ask Me About Skydiving?

Ask Me About Skydiving (or ‘AMAS’) is about getting your knees in the breeze. We are experienced skydivers who want to share our passion with you. AMAS came to be when we noticed that many first-time skydivers arrived unsure of their options or what was involved in making a first jump. Our ambition is to make skydiving accessible to any and all adventure seekers in the UK, providing honest advice and joining you on the experience of a lifetime.

In short, we’d like to throw you out a moving aircraft.



Unsure where to skydive? We recommend UK dropzones based on a range of criteria; not just safety, but quality of customer service, value for money, and overall experience. The skydiving centres you’ll find here are ones you will find the AMAS team skydiving at regularly.



You may not realise it, but tandem skydiving is not the only way to experience freefall as a novice! We’ve plenty of information about all your options, including tandem. Once you’re well-informed and ready to skydive, you can use our easy booking system to make it happen.



Ready to be awesome? You’ve chosen the where and how  – let’s go skydiving! Turn up well prepared and confident to jump. Making a skydive is on the best feelings in life, and we can’t wait to see your face (seriously, get the video).

Where can I skydive in the UK?


UK Dropzones

The AMAS team have skydived all over, and developed an intricate knowledge of British skydiving. We recommend and work with the dropzones (skydiving centres) at which we skydive and love, and think will give you the best possible experience.

Skydiving experiences

You want to jump out of an aeroplane. Of course you do. Or you wouldn’t be here. You have three options to choose from: Tandem Skydiving, Solo Skydiving or Indoor Skydiving. Which will be your first skydiving experience? Learn more about them below.

Learn to skydive. Get your licence. From as little as 18 jumps you can be a qualified skydiver. With your solo skydiving licence you can rock up to any airfield in the world, hire a parachute and jump out. It’s the coolest thing in the world. Your very first skydiving experience will be undertaken whilst wearing your own parachute. You get six hours of tuition the day before and you’ll have two instructors with you in freefall to make sure things go smoothly. About 1300 people did this in the UK last year.

Or, if you’re not so confident in your own abilities, that’s cool too. 63,000 in 2016 made a tandem skydive. You wear a harness and your instructor wears a double sized parachute, suitable for two people. You’re clipped in securely. And all you have to do is relax and smile. And talk about it for weeks afterwards once you’ve landed.

And if planes aren’t your thing, or you want to supercharge your freefall skills learning, then indoor skydiving is for you. In a skydiving experience you’ll be rushing through the air at 120mph. With indoor skydiving we jump into a vertical wind tunnel and a huge fan will blast air past you at 120mph. The results are the same. It’s just like freefall. But without the parachute. Or the view.

Happy new skydivers

I just want to thank you for helping me in my path to make one of my most desired dreams come true. Thank you for being such a great instructor and for your patience with me. Jumping from a plane and skydive has been even more awesome than I expected. I’m loving every bit of it. Yeah man!

Jose Luis Hernando Sanz, Solo Skydiving (‘AFF’) student

Brian is an outstanding coach. He has been skydiving for 13 years so the explanation is done basing on his own experience. He recognises that stress and mistakes are normal and he helps to deal with everything while you are on the ground so when you are in the skies you feel 100% sure that you are prepared to perform your task smoothly. Brian goes the extra mile and helps you to socialise at the dropzone. I am glad that I got to be his student.

Olga Lupova, Solo Skydiving (‘AFF’) student

Boom…! Smashed my AFF solo skydiving course and now I’ve got my “A” licence. I couldn’t have done so well without the patience and knowledge of my awesome instructors. So I would like to say a massive thank you to Ally, Chris and Brian. Drinks will be on me when I see you at the Dropzone. Also, thank you to the whole team at Langar. Fantastic support and you couldn’t ask for a nicer bunch of people. Blue Skies!

Alex Baker, Solo Skydiving (‘AFF’) student

Not sure what skydiving experience is right for you?

Frequently asked questions

There are some things everybody wants to know about skydiving. We have compiled an FAQ list of the questions we hear most, so you can learn more about skydiving.

Skydiving Meetup

Ask about skydiving in person! Our skydiving meetups are a great way to meet experienced skydivers, other wannabe-skydivers, and learn about skydiving in a relaxed atmosphere.

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