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I’m now jumping mainly at a dropzone, near Nottingham, for most of the 2016 season. I jumped with Olga and she was able to qualify for her A licence with us. Olga transferred to us from another DZ who were having trouble with a waterlogged runway. Our runways are both tarmac and we operate every day of the year except Christmas day.






This poem makes my heart ache. “Dust If You Must” – Rose Milligan

skydiving poem


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I was in California for three weeks in March as a civilian contractor with the British Army. Eight soldiers from the First Royal Horse Artillery (1RHA) wanted to learn to skydive. All eight qualified with their solo skydiving “A” licence with two days to spare on the trip. One of the students Steven did a really nice video edit.


I did something on this trip for the first time too. I landed with more items of clothing than I left the plane with. Top tip: Make sure your shoelaces are tight so that your shoe doesn’t come off!

AFF-shoe-lost while skydiving

After they went home I was lucky enough to stay out and jump some more with friends. I finished with 67 jumps from the 17days I was there. Solo skydiving instruction for the first two weeks, followed by all the REALLY fun stuff; wingsuit jumps, freefly jumps and also a spot of teaching other skydivers how to be a coach. A really fabulous trip.

Come and say hi. Find out more in person. A “Skydiving for Beginners” meet up. I’ll be in the Angel (first floor) near Old Street tube, on Tuesday 3rd May (tomorrow). Pop in anytime after 18:00. We’ll probably make a move about 20:30. More info and RSVP here.


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