Experience Free Fall on your own

Skydiving is an amazing sport and even though a tandem jump is great, there is nothing like the feeling of flying by yourself. If you have always dreamt with flying and you want to be in charge when you jump out of the plane take a look at our two alternatives: The 2-day experience and the AFF Course (Accelerated Free Fall Course).

2-day jumping experience

If you want to make a solo skydive then AFF Level 1 is the jump for you. Minimum six hour of classroom tuition, your own parachute and two instructors to hold onto you. Maximum adrenaline.

Accelerated Free Fall – Full Course

If you know skydiving is for you and you want to get your licence then a solo skydiving (AFF) course is for you. From as little as 18 jumps and you’ll be qualified.

2-day jumping experience – AFF Level 1

There’s no need to do a tandem skydive first, your very first jump can be solo. Wearing your own parachute, you’ll get in the plane, and at altitude the door will open and you’ll jump out. 120mph freefall. Yeah. Of course, you’ll need two very experienced instructors with you the whole time and at least six hours in the classroom to make sure you know what you’re doing.

Day 1 – Ground School

You’ll spend a minimum of six hours learning everything you need to know about skydiving. You’ll learn about the equipment, the stable body position, what you need to do during your skydive including how to deploy your parachute and how many times you’ll practice it! You’ll learn how to land your canopy in the right spot and you’ll learn about plan B. Every good skydiver has a plan B.

AFF instructor class

Day 2 –  Jumping out of an airplane

It’s possible you might get to jump at the end of Day 1, especially in the middle of the British summer when the days are longer. However we find that having an evening to go over the syllabus and practice will make you a better and therefore safer skydiver come the jump.

At 2.5 miles in the sky, the ground is very far away. The door opens and it is your turn to jump. Your instructors take hold of you, one each side and the three of you edge towards the door. You leave at the same time and three of you are in freefall at 120mph. Your instructors will only let go of you once your parachute is deployed.

Accelerated Free Fall Course

The full Solo Skydiving (AFF) course is a minimum of 18 jumps. Three jumps with two instructors, four jumps with one instructor, 10 consolidation jumps and one jump from low altitude. The course is a competency based course and each level with an instructor you will learn a new skill or progress the skills you have. If you can demonstrate that you are competent you will move onto the next level.

Level 1

AFF Level 1

Two instructors. You exit the plane between 12,500 feet (2.5miles high) and 15,000 feet (2.9 miles high) as one connected group and both instructors hold onto you until your parachute is deployed. You will experience freefall for the first time. We don’t expect any student to be amazing on their L1 jump, we expect you to simply experience freefall. ‘Sensory overload’ is a thing.

Accelerated Freefall Level 1 jump Jose
Level 2

AFF Level 2

Two instructors. Exactly the same as L1 but if you are falling stably, one instructor will release. They may fly round in front of you.

AFF Level 2
Level 3

AFF Level 3

Two instructors. Exactly the same as L1 but if you are doing well, both instructors will release.

AFF Level 3
Level 4

AFF Level 4

One instructor. Both instructors were confident enough to release you on Level 3 so from now you only need one instructor. You will be introduced to turns on this skydive.

AFF Level 4
Level 5

AFF Level 5

You will further explore turns, displaying a 360 deg turn to the left and the right.

AFF Level 5
Level 6

AFF Level 6

You will learn to recover from instability by performing a backloop and you will explore horizontal movement across the sky – ‘tracking’.

AFF Level 6
Level 7

AFF Level 7

You will combine the freefall skills you have learnt and perform a backloop, a short track and 360 deg turns to both the left and the right.

AFF course Level 7 tracking
Level 8

Hop and Pop

All good skydivers have a Plan B. We reduce unnecessary risk as much as possible. One such risk is an aircraft emergency. In order to simulate and practice an aircraft emergency, you will be expected to exit the plane solo from 5,000 feet, stably, and deploy your parachute.

AFF course Level 8 hop and pop
Consolidation Jumps


You need to complete 10 consolidation jumps to finish your AFF course. Getting used to freefall and the parachute ride.

AFF course Consolidation jump

How much does AFF cost?

AFF Level 1

From £350

Solo skydiving (AFF) Level 1 can be sourced from as little as £350. This is more than a tandem skydive due to needing two instructors in the sky with you and receiving six hours of classroom tuition. After your L1 jump, you will be offered the opportunity to upgrade to the full AFF class at a discounted rate. Most students do this as skydiving is seriously addictive.

AFF Full Course

From £1,399

The full Solo Skydiving (AFF) course can be sourced from as little as £1,399 however this won’t cover the ten consolidation jumps you’ll need to do to qualify for your A licence.

Why should you jump with us?


    With more than 10 years flying and coaching we can tailor the experience exactly for you adding invaluable insight from this wonderful sport. We will guide and advise you to get the best experience available matiching your expectations and budget.

  • Continuous Support

    Our continuous support before during and after the experience will help you achieve your goals and have an even better experience.

  • Extra educational Materials

    Either if you have done the 2-day experience or the Full AFF Course we want to educate all of our students to become better skydivers. Hence, you will receive additional educational materials for as long as you want to be part of our community.

  • Alumni Network

    You will be part of our “AMAS Alumni” network with hundreds of newly qualified skydivers that will support each other and most importantly, have fun together. Skydiving has an amazing community and this is a very natural transition to be part of it.

Where can you do your AFF course?

There are 27 airfields (dropzones) in the UK but we only recommend a few. As experienced skydivers, we’ve jumped at nearly all of the dropzones in the UK and we have first hand experience of which offer the best customer service and the best value for money. We recommend:


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