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Bigway Beginners happened on 16-17th April 2016 at Skydive Langar. On the registration form there were a couple of unusual questions that would form part of the bad weather programme. As it was, the weather was jumpable. More’s the pity! 😉

Here’s the full list below. How many have you read?


What is your full name?  Can you recommend a good book we should read?

Brian Cumming = Shantaram

Tanya Burton = Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Ellie Marshall = Karma Sutra

Jack Felstead = Something about the Trade Union Movement kicking the Tories in the Arse

Mark Lord = No

Ali Atlasi = The Rise of Superman: Decoding the Science of Ultimate Human Performance Book by Steven Kotler

Paul Rimmington = Fly fishing by J R Hartley

Stephen Mark Collins = I’m not really a reader. Andy McNabb is about my limit 🙂

Simon Perry = The Martian!

Emily Aucutt =The Dinner – it’s good but not a cookbook

Alex Whitehead = The Martian, make sure you see the film too

Ian rayner  = Sign language dvd good one

Stephanie Stylianou = Sugar Alpha. Drug smuggling and skydiving.  What more do can you want from a book really?

Chris Sphicas = Child 44

Connor Williams= 50 shades

Robyn Dean = Definitely the ops manual <3

Russell Summers = Nope

Jennifer Clark = The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Tom davies = Wheres Wally, not much text but loads of pictures

Avi Gidar = A Child Called It

Merlin Webster = Pretty subjective question, but an alright quick read is Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Jim Bradwell = The girl on the train

David Knox = 4th in the Dragon Tatoo trilogy!

Lukasz Holownia- Czarny = Bible

Lukasz Gawlik = Plenty of them if you can read Polish 🙂

Marc Graham = Dan brown inferno

David Flood = Fraid not, have hardly read any fiction, and everything else is news, computers and skydiving:)

Karim El-Shakankiri = Snow Crash.

Shane Mckeon = nope

Robert Smith = Black hawk down

Maciej Sobczak = Parachute and it’s Pilot

Neil wilson = No

Thomas Bird = An introduction to statistical learning with applications in R

Bill Booth = Empire of the Clouds, The Quick and the Dead,

Anna Storrie = I’m reading ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ for the first time just now.  10 chapters in and so far so good!

George Abrahams = 1984

Lukasz Lancucki = Tao of the Pooh

Martin Cole = Voyage of the Beagle, Charles Darwin

Max Holmes = Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

Charlotte Harris = Nope

Maggie McMahon = The Little Prince

Edward Cracknell = Harry Potter

Raphaël bsh = The gift of rain – Tan Twan Eng

Elliott Brown = Go, Dog, Go!

Potter = The Life of Brian

Paul Willcock = Above All Else

Trish McDonagh = Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Stuart Grant = Gulfstream G650 maintenance manual, technology to blow the mind

Les dalziel = The 1978 Hotspur annual

Si flisher = You kidding right?

Andreas Michli = Freedom is more than just a seven letter word. By Veronica: of the Chapman family as commonly called.

Luke Thatcher = No, but I did watch Ex Machina last night, and it’s really good!

Paul colman = No

Laura Mallott – Breakfast of champions – kurt Vonnegut

Kel Spittle = The Geography of Happiness

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