How do I prepare for my skydive?

Eat normally:
On the day don’t overeat or undereat, you don’t want to feel sick or faint before you’ve even started…

Be sober:
You cannot skydive if you’ve consumed alcohol, save the beers for celebrating! You can’t drink, so recreational drugs are also a no-no. If you are concerned about any prescription medications you take, you can ask us and we will reply respectfully and in confidence. (link to contact us)

Dress appropriately:
Wear comfortable, untight clothes that are appropriate for that day’s temperature. Don’t choose a skirt or dress. Put trainers on your feet. If you’ve long hair, bring a bobble.

Be on time:
Arrive punctually for your skydive or you might miss your turn!

Can I bring my GoPro?

No. You need a skydiving licence and 200 jumps before you may take a camera with you jumping. This is because of evidence-based safety regulations.

If you want photo/video evidence that you do your own stunts, purchase the video package and pay a professional to make you look cool.

How might the weather affect my jump?

If it is too windy, cloudy, or rainy you cannot skydive. This is for safety and enjoyment reasons. We know you want to skydive, but we’re also pretty sure you don’t want to land going backwards and soaking wet.

‘Too windy’ is greater than 20 knots for tandem and licensed skydivers or 15 knots for solo student skydivers. ‘Too cloudy’ is if there is total cloud cover at a height that will interfere with a skydiving operation. Any raining is too rainy. Rain stings at 120 mph!

If the weather conditions on the day of your skydive are unsuitable for skydiving, you may have a wait for an improvement or you may be rebooked.

How do I get my skydiving licence?

You can learn to skydive and earn your solo skydiver licence through the Accelerated Freefall solo skydiving course

How much does skydiving cost?

This varies from £200 to £450, depending on whether you jump tandem or solo, where you make your skydive. Some dropzones also offer off-peak prices for tandem skydiving. AMAS takes a standardised deposit of £80 for a skydive.

You can find detailed pricing for each type of jump where you pay on the deposit payments in Book My Skydive.

Isn’t charity skydiving free?

No. A ‘free charity skydive’ is where you raise funds through sponsorship and the fee for the skydiving is paid out of these funds. This is how charity programmes that offer free skydives for hitting fundraising targets operate too.

Are there any weight restrictions?

Yes, there are maximum weight limits. These vary across dropzones, for tandem and for solo skydiving. Factors that determine weight limits include what equipment the centre has available and local operating policies.

Generally, if you are under 90 kg (14 stone) you are good, if you are a bit over this you may well be fine, if you are a fair bit over this your options may be limited or you might not be able to skydive.

If you weigh more than 90 kg, drop us a line with where you’d like to jump and we’ll advise you.

Are there any age restrictions?

You must be over 18 to skydive, or 16 with parental permission.

There is no upper age restriction for tandem skydiving, but you have to be under 55 to begin solo skydiving in the UK. There is no upper age limit for experienced skydivers – you won’t be made to retire if you’ve started!

Are there any medical restrictions/I am disabled, can I jump?

To make a skydive, you must complete a British Parachute Association medical declaration, where you sign to say you do not have any of a list of conditions (for tandems form F115A, for solo form F115C). The dropzone will provide this form for you to complete when you arrive for your skydive.

If you are disabled or have a medical condition on the list and cannot ‘self certify’ this does not necessarily mean you cannot skydive, but you will need a doctor to read and complete a medical certificate (for tandems form F115B, for solo form F115D). This can be your GP.

If you’re concerned you have a disability or condition that could affect you skydiving, check out the aforementioned forms on the BPA website and ensure you get a medical signed before going skydiving if required.

Skydiving is super inclusive, we really want to throw anyone and everyone out of planes, but safety must come first. Please speak to us if you are unsure.

Is skydiving safe?

Not totally safe, if you want totally safe stay at home, but skydiving is safer than you might expect falling from a plane to be.

The great majority of skydiving injuries are wrist and ankle injuries, usually as the result of awkward landings. In the UK over 20 years (1997-2016) the tandem injury rate was 1 per 1,100 jumps and the AFF injury rate 1 per 270 jumps.

The UK skydiving fatality rate, as recorded by the British Parachute Association, for tandem skydiving is 0.0000015% and for AFF is 0.00004%. There has not been a tandem skydive fatality in Britain in over 20 years.

If you want to skydive, you have to be prepared to accept risk and to do your best to prevent it as per your training.

But what if the parachute doesn’t open?

Skydiving canopies (parachutes) are very well engineered and expertly packed. Canopies don’t just ‘not open’, but deployment issues do happen – known as malfunctions.

1 in around 800 main canopy deployments result in a malfunction. When this does happen, the main canopy can be released (known as a ‘cutaway’) and a reserve canopy deployed. Reserve canopies are even more reliable, and they are packed by even more qualified experts. Main and Reserve canopies are mandatory for skydiving.

If you were to have a malfunction on your tandem skydive, your instructor would cutaway and deploy the reserve. It has been know for tandem students to not even notice a malfunction and cutaway happening.

‘Malfunction drills’ – how to respond correctly to a deployment problem – are part of your groundschool training for solo skydiving.

Can I breathe in free fall?


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