As our name might give away, we do love to talk about skydiving. Trust us, once you start, you will too. To save those in our lives from hearing about it over and over again, we have a community of skydivers to chat skydiving with.


Ask Me About Skydiving hosts a number of Meetups to introduce you to skydiving over a beer. This is where many of our student skydivers (many now qualified) signed up to their first jumps.

The format of the evenings are: welcome, Intro to Skydiving talk, relaxed chat.

These events are a great chance to sound us out in person and have any of your questions answered. These events are increasingly well attended, as our alumni tend to come back to hang out and share their newfound passion. This means you have the opportunity to speak to recent beginner skydivers, as well as experienced instructors and coaches.

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London Meetup

robin hood notitngham

Nottingham Meetup


Skydiving is a small, global community. Social media has allowed us to connect in ways that never used to be possible, so skydivers tend to be pretty active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Connect with us to discover more.

Why jump with AMAS


    We know skydiving. We know dropzones. AMAS offer a range of packages and options for skydiving tandem, solo or ‘indoors’, we can tailor these packages to you wants and needs. Just ask.

  • In the know

    We bring you the benefit of our decades of experience to ensure you start your skydiving journey equipped with essential knowledge. We only take you skydiving at the places we know and believe will give you the best experience.

  • Educational Support

    As you progress as a skydiver, we are with you at every stage. You will see us regularly at the dropzone, and we are only ever an email away. We are committed to those who choose us for skydiving.

  • Alumni Network

    Whether you start with others or unaccompanied, you will not qualify alone. Our AMAS skydivers support each other and become firm friends. AMAS skydivers usually attend our regular meetups and keep touch through social media to support each other.

Contact Us

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