Naked Skydiving – The Why and The What

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(But, Seriously – WHY?!)

If you Google ‘naked skydiving’ you will get endless results (but think carefully before you do, there are things you can’t un-see).

Streaking is a grand British tradition, and some skydivers decide to take streaking to the next level (as in 14,000 ft higher).

Naked skydiving makes for a great video (depending on your definition of ‘great’), but there’s more to it than a bit of a breeze…

So if you’re thinking of skydiving in the buff, you may want to read this first.

Naked-Becca skydiving

Becca in the buff. Under canopy after a naked skydive.

The most fun you can have…

Skydiving is often described as ‘the most fun you can have with your clothes on’ – so surely it’ll be more fun without them? That’s the logic, and skydivers are a fun-keen bunch.

Naked jumping is just a bit of a giggle, to show everyone how hardcore you are (and everything else).

Tip for the gents though – if you’re looking to impress, stick to high summer for naked jumping (it gets chilly up there).





Fun, but not sexy


A naked 4way star skydiving formation.

When we kit up to skydive, we secure all loose ends on our clothing and other equipment. This prevents them flapping about and whipping us (hard) in freefall.


For naked skydiving, keep in mind this whipping will occur with ALL unsecured appendages.

And it’s not just the men who want to consider their appendages.

Boobs are great, generally, but in freefall they ‘invert’. Squished by the force of the air, they cup inwards, this doesn’t hurt (and they always return to normal) but it sure looks funny.

It doesn’t matter how stunning you are, nobody’s genitals look good jiggling at 120 mph. So if you’re going naked skydiving, you had better be ready to laugh at yourself.


Surprisingly tricky

Once, a few summers ago in Spain, I briefed a 13 person formation naked skydive (yes, really) that they would have less control of their bodies on the skydive.

Most of the mid-level- experience group (largely nude-jump virgins) underestimated this… and there was no formation. Just naked bodies scattered across the sky as far you could see.

It was quite a sight.

This is because when we move our bodies in freefall (turning etc.), we are using the friction of the air running over us. Skin is slippery and has much less friction than our jumpsuits.

This effect will only catch-out solo naked jumpers, for a tandem skydive it is only a factor if your instructor is also naked (cosy!).





Cheryl Farnden on the 2004 Naked World Record.

Naked ambition

A top tip if you are planning to jump naked is to be careful which dropzone you choose – if you decide to go mid-week naked jumping at a dropzone near a school, you may end up on a list.

You are unlikely in the UK to be allowed to be naked on a tandem skydive. Instructors are responsible for their students wearing “appropriate attire” – though this is open to interpretation, so feel free to try convincing them…

If you fancy some au natural skydiving, or maybe just some regular clothed skydiving (and the potential for nude people raining from the sky hasn’t put you off)…

Skydiving for beginners meetup

You can find out about tandem skydiving, learn-to-skydive courses (‘AFF’) and anything else you’ve ever wondered about skydiving at our regular midlands (Nottingham) and London skydiving ev –

Nottingham Skydiving for Beginners’ and ‘London Skydiving for Beginners’.

Come grab a beer and put our knowledge to the test.

(Please wear clothes)


Jack lets the pilot know that the next group of skydivers to board the plane. Are. All. Naked. Yeah!

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