No parachutes. Your invitation to dream. Avoiding danger is impossible.

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July has been a great month. The British summer is never perfect but we’ve had many days of jumping.

Blog post of the month:
Luke Aikens – no parachute jump” – My take on the aviation history that was set this weekend.
Photo of the month: 
Bruce Parks deploys his parachute on his Solo Skydiving (‘AFF’) Level 6 jump amid dramatic towering clouds. Photo by Tom Shorten. Good job by both of you.
Your invitation to dream.
I’m one of four adventurers presenting at the “TickTheBucket Invites You to Dream” at the Canvas Cafe on Brick Lane, London, on Thurs 4th August. (Sorry for the short notice). As I write this 84 of the tickets have gone already so don’t hang around too long. Free entry. No commitments.
Quote of the month:
“All courses of action are risky, so prudence is not in avoiding danger (it’s impossible), but calculating risk and acting decisively.”
– Machiavelli, 1469 – 1527, Italian Renaissance historian, politician, diplomat, philosopher, humanist, and writer.


Success stories:
Jose, Tom and Rob came to the Skydiving for Beginners meetings. Jose and Tom in London. Rob in Nottingham. We’re very proud to watch you all fly!
– Congrats to Jose (top) for gaining his A licence, to Tom (bottom) for getting the majority of the way through his A licence despite being on the dropzone as little as possible and to Rob (middle) for starting his solo skydiving course. Three jumps in and loving it.

Come and Say Hi

All our events are totally free and there is no commitment other than to come with an open mind about leaving an airplane several miles up in the sky. Grab a drink, chat about skydiving, watch a short, informative presentation and watch the video round up of the month.

1) London Skydiving for Beginners is Monday 8th August. RSVP: Meetup. It’s at The Angel on City Road, near Old St tube station.

2) Nottingham Skydiving for Beginners is Monday 8th August. RSVP: MeetUp or Facebook. It’s at the Bodega and it’s Happy Hour all night. Come down and say hi to Ali.

3) If you can’t wait till next Monday, don’t forget you can hear me speak on Thursday at the Canvas Cafe on Brick Lane. Details above.
Hopefully we’ll see you in the sky in 2016.

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