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Bigway Beginners happened on 16-17th April 2016 at Skydive Langar. On the registration form there were a couple of unusual questions that would form part of the bad weather programme. As it was, the weather was jumpable. More’s the pity! ūüėČ

Here’s the full list below.

What is your full name? If you were an animal, what would you be?

Brian Cumming = Lion

Sally Gittings = eagle

Emily Sugars =¬†Drunk panda? ūüôā

Tanya Burton = A Zebra

Ellie Marshall = Penguin

Jack Felstead = Otter (as long as I was a twin)

Mark Lord = Dolphin

Ali Atlasi = Ram

Paul Rimmington = Bored

Stephen Mark Collins =¬†A sloth, with wings. ūüôā

Simon Perry = My late cat Toffee Рshe lived the dream for 15 years

Emily Aucutt = Penguin cause they waddle

Alex Whitehead = One of those bush babies that only comes out at night and has massive eyes

Ian Rayner = Cool

Stephanie Stylianou =¬†Mocking Jay. They get to fly and I assume they mock people which is another personal interest of mine. Is that a thing?¬† I’ll google it later

Chris Sphicas = Honey Badger

Connor Williams = A massive eagle

Robyn Dean = A way big one?

Russell Summers = f*** knows?

Jennifer Clark = Eagle

Tom Davies = Seagull, so i could steal your food and shit on you while your enjoying a day at the beach

Avi Gidar = demon monster

Merlin Webster =¬†Let’s say dog.

David Knox = Eagle

Lukasz Holownia- Czarny  = Lol

Lukasz Gawlik =¬†Sloth ūüôā

Marc Graham  = Bird, bat or gliding animal

David Flood = Any bird of pray

Karim El-Shakankiri = Wasp

Shane Mckeon = dog

Robert Smith = Hawk

Maciej Sobczak = tiger

Neil Wilson = Dog

Thomas Bird =¬†A bird, because it’s my last name and they get to fly all the time!

Bill Booth = Friendly Wolf!

Anna Storrie =¬†A hummingbird – they can fly and they’re so cute!

George Abrahams = Husky

Lukasz Lancucki = Human

Martin Cole = Pica pica

Max Holmes = Penguin

Charlotte Harris  = Eagle

Maggie McMahon = The impregnated sweet chinchilla

Edward Cracknell = Jaguar

Rapha√ęl bsh =¬†Wolf

Potter = Your Mum

Paul Willcock = T-Rex

Trish McDonagh = A bird

stuart grant = Shark

Les dalziel =¬†A Jim bradwell…

Si Flisher = Pitbull

Andreas Michli =¬†hmmm… probably a gorilla (I’m very hairy)

Luke Thatcher = Probably a dog. Dogs are cool.

Paul Colman = Chimp

Claire Jones = A bird, obviously!

Laura Mallott = Chihuahua- they seem well spoiled and are a little irritating

Kel Spittle = A monkey

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