So you want to go skydive? Tandem skydiving is by far the most popular way to make a first freefall, it is named such because it involves being harnessed to your instructor ‘in tandem’ for the duration of your skydive. It is the ‘fast way’ because it requires only 20 minutes on-the-day training to be ready to jump.

Your tandem skydive will see you jump from roughly 2.5 miles above the earth, freefalling at 120 mph for around 45 seconds until your instructor deploys the parachute and flies you back to the dropzone.

Why choose a tandem skydive

If you know you only want to make a one-off jump to experience skydiving, tandem is absolutely the way to go. Be warned though… we know a lot of pro skydivers who thought they only wanted to make a one-off tandem skydive!

A tandem skydive may be what most people do, but maybe you’re a rebel? Possibly you hadn’t realised you don’t need to do a tandem to get started in skydiving?

What to expect from tandem skydiving

Although small details vary across providers, a tandem skydiving experience with a good dropzone is universal. This is what you can expect of making a tandem skydive.

When you book, you select your centre and pay a deposit. and go skydiving. Come with us on a tandem skydiving journey…

Book online

You’ve booked your jump. You have picked a dropzone and paid a deposit. You’ve been contacted and confirmed a day and arrival time. You are ready to go skydive.

Arrive at the dropzone

It’s skydive day! You get up and get ready, you know how to prepare yourself because you read our FAQs. You head to the dropzone ahead of your specified time, you see parachutes in the sky and skydivers landing as you arrive. Things are starting to feel real.


You make yourself known to the dropzone. On check-in at reception, there is paperwork to complete and you may be weighed.

Having booked your jump with a deposit, this is where you pay the outstanding balance on your skydive. You’re told when to attend your training session.

If you have not already booked one, the reception team might offer you a video package. This is extra money, but we strongly recommend it. The pictures and video will help you remember the awesomeness and you can show everyone how badass you are.

arrive at the dropzone


You attend a 20-30 minute session in which a tandem instructor explains and prepares you for the process of making a tandem skydive.

They take you through the equipment, the plane ride, the exit, freefall, the parachute ride, the landing, and what is required of you at each stage.

The instructor has you demonstrate you can meet the physical requirements of a tandem, such as lifting your legs. The training is important, but also fun, you feel ready to jump.


All good things come to those… You’re trained for your skydive and raring to go, but now you need to be patient. How long will depend on how many people checked in ahead of you, how many planes the dropzone is running, how many other skydivers are onsite, and the weather.

You are prepared for a potentially long wait – our dropzones are professional and efficient, but skydiving is a weather-dependent sport.

The dropzone staff keep you in the know as to the weather conditions and when you might jump. It is possible that adverse weather may mean you can’t jump, in this case you are rebooked at no additional charge to come back and skydive another day.

You plan to make a day of your skydive, a dropzone is a great place to hangout. Grab a cuppa, chat to the regular skydivers, watch landings, soak up the atmosphere.

learn tandem jump skydiving

Kit up

You’ve booked your jump. You have picked a dropzone and paid a deposit. You’ve been contacted and confirmed a day and arrival time. You are ready to go skydive.

Ride to altitude

You accompany your instructor to your designated aircraft and they assist you aboard. Once seated, they attach your harness securely to theirs. The plane takes off…

On the ride to jump altitude, you check out the views and chat to your instructor. Your instructor has some great stories and some terrible jokes, you’re nervous but you feel safe with them. The skydiving videographers are getting lots of pictures – of the views and the skydivers.

After a period that simultaneously seems like forever and no time at all (but is actually about 20 minutes), people start moving around. Your instructor asks you to sit onto their lap so they can tighten the harness ready for freefall.

You feel a rush of air – somebody’s opened the plane door and people are climbing out! Your turn comes and your instructor moves you towards the open door…

tandem skydive uk


You reach the door and your legs are dangling into the sky. You adopt the position you were taught in training, ready-set-go

You’ve exited the plane and you are skydiving! It’s a sensation like you’ve never experienced, you feel weightless, like you’re flying.

You left all your fear in the plane and you feel so alive. Then, a jerk and everything slows down.

Parachute Ride

For all the excitement of the freefall, the parachute ride is calm. Everything is much quieter and you can converse with your instructor. They point out sights as you soar over the British countryside, and even let you have a go at steering the parachute.

As the ground comes closer, your instructor steers you back to the dropzone’s landing area, you fly over your family and friends – you can hear them cheering you. You follow your instructor’s commands as you come into land. You see your videographer is waiting there to capture the moment. Once you touch down, your instructor untethers you and offers a high-five.

celebrate tandem skydive


The price of a tandem skydive varies between £210 and £300, depending on where and when you book it. Some centres offer discounts for ‘off-peak’ jumping.

For this sum you get a professional instructor with 800+ jumps (usually 1000s), who has been trained and tested by the British Parachute Association – our national sport governing body, which has the world’s highest safety standards. This professional will be using top quality parachuting kit costing thousands of pounds, regularly maintained and always packed by expert parachute packers.

A video package, which most people want and we do recommend, costs £80-100.

This fee gets you a skydiving videographer to accompany you and your instructor on your skydive, and document the whole experience.

They will film and photo every moment, boarding, the plane ride, freefall, and landing. You will receive a professional video edit, like at the top of this page, and a bumper digital pack of quality photographs.

Ready to book your tandem jump?

Ready to feel the ultimate rush and experience one of the most amazing activities in the world? Don’t hesitate any more, jump with us and scratch skydiving from your bucket list.

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