In the UK, there are 27 skydiving centres (known as dropzones, you can guess why), all of these centres are affiliated to the British Parachute Association and held to their safety standards.

The AMAS team have skydived at nearly all of these centres and chose our favourites to work with. We recommend the dropzones that we skydive at and love, and we are sure will give you the best possible experience.


You can’t skydive in or around London because the skies are simply too busy. Despite this, there is a big skydiving community in London. Ask Me About Skydiving began in London.

There are a few dropzones bordering London, but the heights they can fly to and times they can make drops at are restricted.

For this reason, skydivers know that if you’re travelling from London to jump, then you should just go for it and get out of London to a quality dropzone.

Skydiving for Londoners

North London: Skydive Sibson
Central London (by train): Skydive Sibson or Skydive Headcorn
SW London: Skydive Netheravon
SE London: Skydive Headcorn
Weekday skydiving: Skydive Langar


Wannabe skydivers living in Birmingham are super lucky that one of the UK’s largest and only full-time dropzone is just 90 minutes away and easily reached by car or train.

Skydiving for Brummies

Skydive Langar


If you’re coming from Manchester to skydive, you can expect to make a couple hours’ journey to a skydiving centre. Our Nottinghamshire full-time skydiving centre can be reached by car in two hours or by train in 2.5 hours.

Skydiving for Mancunians

Skydive Langar



skydive langar logo

Thirty minutes’ drive from Nottingham city centre, Skydive Langar is the UK’s most active skydiving airfield – the only dropzone that doesn’t have a winter shutdown, they jump every day but Christmas (weather permitting). Other reasons to go skydive at Langar include:

  • 2x fast modern turbine aircraft
  • Full-time, open Mon-Sun
  • Largest civilian landing area in the UK
  • Choice of Champs – British teams training here
  • Lowest price video packages in UK


Langar has hosted some of the UK’s biggest skydiving events, including national records. There’s always something new and exciting happening at Langar, where top skydivers push boundaries. Langar is where AMAS founder, and skydiving instructor, Brian is based.

How to get to Skydive Langar

Langar by train:
Train to Bingham station and a 10-minute taxi. Skydivers are a helpful bunch, who will often pick you up or taxi share, speak to us and we can help coordinate.



sibson skydiving dropzone peterborough

Sibson is a busy dropzone with plenty of regular skydivers, many from North London. Just outside of Peterborough and right next to the A1, it is a very accessible dropzone with:


  • Fast modern turbine aircraft
  • Small friendly feel
  • Extended opening days in summer


The laid-back feel of this little dropzone is exactly what so many Londoners love about the place, escape the city properly to make your skydive.

How to get to Skydive Sibson

Sibson by train:
Train to Peterborough station and a 20-minute taxi. Skydivers are a helpful bunch, who will often pick you up or taxi share, speak to us and we can help coordinate.



skydive netheravon dropzone salisbury

An Army-managed dropzone that is open to the general public, reasons to jump at ‘Skydive Nethers’ include:


  • 2x ultra-fast modern turbine aircraft
  • Large Army discount for qualified skydivers
  • Excellent facilities and lots of space
  • Large landing area
  • View of Stonehenge on parachute ride


Nethers has an excellent mixed military-civilian skydiver community. They are pioneers of UK wingsuiting (those squirrel suit things) and hosted the Wingsuit World Cup 2016, the only skydiving world cup to ever be hosted in the UK.



skydive headcorn kent dropzone

The only dropzone in (or even close to) Kent, Headcorn is the best dropzone to travel to from South London and the south-east coastal region. This scenic coastal dropzone offers:


  • Fast modern turbine aircraft
  • Resident Spitfire plane (very cool to see close up)
  • Stunning views
  • Easiest and cheapest by train from London


Headcorn is a club-feel dropzone with loyal regulars that are always delighted to welcome newcomers into the fold. Nearby there is a big cat sanctuary, which makes for a great bad-weather-day outing, but be careful where you’re landing… (just kidding).

How to get to Skydive Headcorn

Headcorn by train
Train to Headcorn station, which is a 20-minute walk from the dropzone or a quick taxi for only £6. There are half-hourly trains from London to Headcorn.


If you’re still unsure which bit of Britain you’d like to fall at 120 mph towards, drop us a line and we’ll help you pick.

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